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We are a group of software developers and other interested people that meet monthly (or so) to discuss anything software or technology related that interests us.

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How to Increase Signal in the Technical Interview

Sisyphus Brewing

The interview connects talent and opportunity. That's why every software engineering job candidate deserves a technical interview that is predictive, fair, and enjoyable. If you are a software engineer or an engineering hiring manager, join us to learn practical approaches for increasing signal, reducing false negatives, and creating an enjoyable candidate experience in the technical interview. Key learning objectives: - Best practices for in-interview communication - How to ensure consistency and fairness across all interviews - Why consistency increases signal Audience: These events are targeted to and attended by software engineers and hiring managers, though people with a variety of backgrounds and job titles may find this content useful and are welcome to attend! About the Facilitator: Lusen / they / them is Director of Developer Relations at Karat, and splits their time between researching new interview formats and sharing those insights with candidates, interviewers and organizations. Lusen previously worked as an engineering manager at Indiegogo and Rakcspace, and before that worked as an engineer building cloud infrastructure and contributing to computer science research. Lusen enjoys coaching underrepresented engineers and students. Please bring your ID, beer tickets provided for those 21+ with government issued ID. Pizza Luce will be provided for all.

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