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Why are all your investments in the hands of people you never met who do things that you don't like? Why not take it Slow.....

Slow Money – LION South Bay is the South Bay Working Group of Slow Money Northern California, a network of investors and entrepreneurs who seek to seed, nurture, and grow a local economy based on principles of collaborative knowledge sharing, mutually reinforcing relationships, community participation, fairness, diversity and sustainability. We are also a Local Investment Opportunity Network (LION) which looks beyond the food and farming businesses in the local economy, which are the heart of Slow Money, to other sustainable businesses such as solar power.

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At our meetings we hear from local entrepreneurs with businesses that and discuss how we (as a community or individually) might help them realize their goals through personal investments, information sharing and network building.

Our members are located on the Penninsula, Silicon Valley and surrounding communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Entrepreneurs come from the greater Bay Area.

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