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"Yamnuska" is an unofficial name as the mountain was officially named Mount Laurie(Îyâmnathka) in 1961. The term in brackets is the native name for the mountain which translates as "wall of stone". Until 1961 the mountain was known as Yamnuska which is derived from the Stoney word from the Stoney "Iyamnathka" that describes steep cliffs or "the flat faced mountain." It was renamed at the request of the Stoneys in honour of the founder of the Indian Association of Alberta, John Laurie. (credit ... Peakfinder (

We will traverse around Yamnuska in a counter-clockwise loop. Highlights will include the chain section at the back, looking down the sheer cliffs that one sees from the highway and the scree run which will allow us to lose elevation very quickly.

Distance: 10 km .......Elevation: 900 m.......Duration: 5-6 hours + driving.

Technical Difficulty ( SC 6 routes (Kane's moderate, YDS 2) will likely encounter rock bands requiring use of hands. Route finding to locate the best way is often necessary. Exposure to heights can be more serious.

Note: You must have completed at least three hikes with at least 700m elevation gain in past three months in order to attend. Your Host will confirm your event history. Although we will be going at a slower pace, this is not an event for beginners and you must be comfortable with difficult hiking/easy scrambling on loose rock.

Please answer the question during the RSVP process.

Event Directions:
Take the Trans Canada Highway west to Hwy 1X. Continue north until you reach Hwy 1A. Turn right and continue to the Yamnuska parking lot, which will be on the left.


Members Only ... 18 and older only ... no dogs.

All participants are expected to act as a responsible member of the group. Shared values of this trip include personal responsibility and mutual reliance (we all look out for one another), fun, safety and respect.

Carpool: We leave at 7:30 AM precisely ... suggested gas donation $15

Gear: Dress for the weather - layers - you'll warm up real fast ... it might snow or rain or be absolutely gorgeous.

Hiking boots

MANDATORY: Certified ROCK helmet (can rent at MEC, but call ahead)

2 litres of water and something like energy bars or trail-mix for snacks

Personal First Aid Kit

***Gear checks will be conducted at the Meetup location. Failure to have the required gear will result in the participant not attending the trip.***


1. In the event of significant weather change in the area on the day of the event, the event will be re-evaluated. Additionally, details of this event are subject to undergo a change at any point in time, with or without warning. It is the responsibility of the participant to check for any updates, changes or cancellations before the trip.

2. Your Host is a volunteer, not a trained guide, but he has the final say in matters of safety. Participants are responsible for assessing current road conditions, current weather conditions, their current physical condition, current trail conditions and current avalanche conditions for the trip and are responsible for their safety and well-being.

3. Your participation is at the sole discretion of your Event Host. If he does not know your hiking history he will be emailing you for a response to ensure this is a good fit for you. Additionally, the "want a spot" category in the RSVP section is NOT first come first serve.

4. Questions about equipment ... contact Event Host for suggestions and recommendations.

There are sheer drops off the cliffs and some of these rock cliffs are crumbling at the edges with the possibility of chunks falling and no fencing in place. Please keep at least 3 metres away from the edges. If you fall, or the ground at the edge of the cliff collapses it will almost certainly be fatal.

WAIVERS: You submit that you are fully prepared with proper gear and you're physically fit to do this hike with the group. Your written consent is required for attending this event. You will be asked to provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact. Please read the Waiver by clicking HERE ( I will bring the group waiver form to the Calgary Slow and Steady Meet Up location.

Earn a FREE "No-Show" when you RSVP and then do not attend you will then forfeit your next trips attendance.

Cancellation Policy: Please let us know about any cancellations to your RSVP to provide opportunities for others to attend. Cancellations after the RSVP's close will mean that you will be Waitlisted on the next event.

Event Crashers Policy: No second chances for Event Crashers. As Hosts we maintain a headcount cut off to create an intimate group dynamic that we try to cultivate at our Events.