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Weekend at Waterton - Crypt Lake - NO BEGINNERS!!!

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Please RSVP yes if you are going to join us. Please do not RSVP No, if you are not.

We are going to spend the September Long week-end at Waterton National Lake - Crypt Lake.
We would get to Waterton on Friday evening, stay overnight camping or in a Motel / Hotel in Waterton. We would do CRYPT LAKE Saturday, stay a second night, and drive back on Sunday. That gives us Monday to recouperate.

This trip will not be cheap! The car fare will be the actual cost of gas split by the number of passengers (look up the mileage to get there and back), and there will be the cost of 2 nights in a motel or camp ground, as well as the cost of the boat ride. You will have to bring CASH. DO NOT sign up for this unless you ARE SURE you are going. Reservations for the boat and the camp ground or motel have to be made and paid for SOON. NONREFUNDABLE.

Crypt Lake:
Hiking Distance: 17.4 k return
Elevation Gain: 300 m (2,300 ft)
Hiking time 6 hrs +
Boat transfer: 30 Min. each way

NOTE: The Crypt Lake Hike commences at the TRAILHEAD (WATERTON MARINA). Please arrange your own accommodation.

The boat leaves the Marina at 9:00 am. Tickets are sold on first come basis. Be on time or miss the boat! Book the boat tickets as soon as possible once you have positively decided for sure you are going on this trip!! Booking boat tickets is YOUR responsibility.

The Crypt Lake Hike while challenging, is one of the most rewarding hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park. Voted "Canada's Best Hike" in 1981, Crypt Lake truly lives up to its reputation.

The hike is accessed via the local ferry service, and begins with a gradual climb through shaded forests. As you progress into the hanging valley, the forest begins to thin out, and you begin the strenuous section of the hike.

Immediately after Burnt Rock Falls, the hike steadily climbs up onto the open alpine mountain side. During this section of the hike, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Crypt Valley as well as that of the cascading Crypt Falls.
After continuing over the alpine creek adjacent to the campground you follow the trail towards the ledge and tunnel.

Those of you who are acrophobic or claustrophobic, please take note of the following trail description and photo below.......

The ledge is about 50 cm wide, and continues to a steel ladder providing access to the tunnel. After climbing the ladder you will crawl 100 ft through a natural mountain tunnel before arriving at a cable traverse. This next section of the hike involves a scramble along a sheer cliff, with the assistance of a steel cable affixed to the cliff face.

After the scramble you make your way through a shaded forest before arriving at Crypt Lake. The hike is a total of 17.4 km round trip, with a gradual 2,300-foot elevation gain.

Please ensure that you are physically able to do the Hike.

The organizer has NOT done this hike before. We will be hiking this for the first time together and the organizer will not be able to assist you on the hike if you freeze up, freak out, or fall off. I'm not babysitting.

You are responsible to arrange your transportation (car pool from Shouldice with other members or drive on your own) and accommodation - camp site or motel (solo or with other members).

Roundtrip Hike Time: 6 hours +
Height gain: 300 M
Distance: 17.4 km
This is a moderate HIKE with some physically and mentally challenging sections. Please be realistic about your abilities. Please gauge your abilities appropriately. I can't carry anyone out.

Weather forecast: unknown.....
Trail conditions: unknown......

EQUIPMENT: Weather can change quickly in the mountains in September! -- rain, hail, snow, wind, warm, or cold -- ALWAYS BE PREPARED. NO COTTON!

Mandatory - A sense of humour, plenty of food, at least 3 litres of water (for on hike), layers, sturdy boots (unless you’re going shopping, runners or sandals are never appropriate footwear)

Recommended - camera, gaiters, microspikes, hiking poles, personal first aid kit, camping gear...etc, etc.

No kids or dogs on this trip.

We will start making arrangements through email and have an organizational meeting prior to the trip. Arrangements for camping space or motel rooms, and the boat shuttle will have to be made soon!

Disclaimer: As a responsible adult you assume full responsibility and all liability for your own safety and well-being. You are sure you can complete the event with the group. You will monitor and control your behavior and actions so as to be respectful to everyone on the hike, on the trail, and in the campground. Your participation in this event means you have read this waiver and by signing up for this event you have accepted the waiver. If you have not answered "yes" in your profile you will not be accepted to participate. You are fully aware that organizers are not professional guides and you assume all responsibility for your safety and well-being, and that you are fully prepared with proper gear and you are physically fit to do this hike with the group.