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What is your Meet-up Group is about?

Strengthen the body increasing the body’s life/youth/health.
Strengthen the mind to balance emotions increasing happiness/well-being/contentment.
Gentle spirit develops as a consequence of both the mind/body relationship.

More specifics can be found bellow.

Who should join?

You may want to be more balanced mentally, or physically. When I refer to physical strength I am more concerned with the strength of the organs, tendons, bone marrow, brain, immune system. The primary goal is longevity and life energy. This may not necessarily relate to fitness and conditioning although as we go we should get a good balance of both.

This would eventually lead to the development of the gentle spirit.

Why should I join?

In my opinion for me, the main reason is to surround myself around similar people.
If you are interested in the things I am doing, I can hopefully share my experience.

What can I expect?
Describe typical activities?

I am based in both Epsom and Blockhouse Bay so most meet-ups will be held at local schools/parks/mountains or maybe a quick trek to a secluded area somewhere. I may move to different locations depending on demand.

To be honest I do not expect a lot of people to join so it will depend and evolve over time. Activities could be either practical or virtual. I can find different mediums which suits different people. It all depends on the numbers and type of people.

Things we will be doing.
Here is a summary of what I am currently working on and why.

I do these in no particular order at least once a month. I am not trying to be a teacher/leader, I am far from perfect :-) and always learning. If something here interests you I can show you what I do and why. Hopefully we can develop together over time.

Sun/Moon/Star/Heavens Meditation
Naturally nourishing Kidney Jing and helping in the natural production of Serotonin, Melatonin and Dimethyltryptamine.

Ion body Qi Gong
Strengthen/conditioning the body.

Ion palm
Moving and using Qi via the hands.

Chi-ing and Small heavenly cycle
Circulating and storing Qi through the main meridian.

5 Gate breathing
Using 5 gates to breath and store Qi.

Palm gate breathing
Moving chi from stomach to hands and vice versa. Also helps works with ion palm and 5 gate breathing.

Dao de Jing and the un-raveling of yin-yang
Practical application. Understanding the application in current times.

Pride/Fear management (Ego management)
Management of desires, Sex, Power, Modesty, Food, Righteousness, External Success etc.

Nutrition to nourish Kidney Jing
Funny enough the same nutrition also increases the production of Serotonin, Melatonin and Dimethyltryptamine

Dark training
Mediation in a completely dark room, similar to simulation of meditating in a cave.

Desire training, facing yourself, also increases production of Serotonin, Melatonin and Dimethyltryptamine.

Xi Sui Jing
In particular only using exercises to increase testosterone naturally a lot of the training above overlaps anyway and is really a subset of this.

Simple stretching with some Yi Jin Jing.

Damo 12 set
Another subset of Ji Jin Jing. I use in moving chi from internal to hands and vise versa. Also learn to move chi where there is tension/life.

Minimal point concentration.

Sleeping habits and natural cycles
Lights out at Sundown until Sunrise and other natural cycles.

Strength training
Maintain muscle mass, especially whilst fasting or on fasting like diets.

Manage desires, needs and wants. A good starting point is food.

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Lets do some basics ( qi gong )

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Catch up and chat.

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Catch up and chat.

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Qi Gong training

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