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New! Go+Group Public Information Meeting, RSVP Yes if full for 2nd session.


To WATCH live at 11:45 a.m. Mountain, or to watch a recording, go to (

FULL for this session, but RSVP "Yes", you'll be put on the waiting list and if we get 3 we'll do a second session and send you an invitation.

Go+Groups, public here on Meetup or private recruited groups, give you immediate help to start faster, cheaper, with a better chance of success. RSVP here now, or contact me with questions or to be in a private group (see below.) John Wren

Here's how Go+Groups work:

Three people who are acceptable to each other join together here on Meetup or are recruited for a private group. The group meets with a facilitator until they get their first check from an employer, customer or contributor as they start a new career, project, campaign, or new business. Facilitated personally by John Wren or someone who has started using a Go+Group and who has now been certified by Wren as a Go+Group leader.

After you RSVP here or call John Wren you'll be sent more details about how the process works, who will be leading your Go+Group, and more information about the other people that will be in your group.

In a private group you'll be interviewed by John Wren, he'll answer all your questions, and then, if you are still interested, you'll be invited to the 1st meeting of your private Go+Group. At that first meeting your Go+Group will decide how often to meet, and you'll finalize where to meet if you're going to be getting together face-to-face (for right now only in the metro-Denver area) or how to meet via telephone teleconference, Google+ Hangout, or other method.

If you are serious about starting in a new direction with your career and think you might be interested, RSVP here or call John Wren right now, so you don't loose this opportunity. Take advantage of this powerful method of getting started successfully.

RSVP or contact John Wren right now, and you'll be sent complete details. If you don't like what you get, you are under no obligation to continue.

Contact John Wren at or (303)861-1447