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Anyone who is a small business owner or entrepreneur should consider joining the Small Business Masterminds group. Meeting with a group of your peers to discuss challenges, find opportunities to overcome obstacles, and consider options that may not have immediately crossed your mind. Especially if you have (or will be) hiring staff as your business grows, a Mastermind group is the perfect resource for building your business with sound advice. It's also a great way to share your own knowledge and feedback with others who are experiencing similar business challenges.

The best part is that this group is organized and facilitated by a licensed Psychologist with 20+ years of organizational and business experience. Countless studies and research have established that Mastermind groups are the best resource business leaders can use to maximize their professional and personal potential.

Upcoming events (3)

Meeting interested people in person (or over the phone).

Group chemistry is an important part of the Mastermind process. I'd like to hear directly from those with serious interest so that we can move forward in January! For those already enlisted, you will not be disappointed. We have some great minds coming together!

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Executives!

I've connected with many of you over the last month who are interested in joining our Masterminds group - and I'm excited that the wait is over! We'll be starting next week - and I'll be sending you more information (when/where) later this week. If you haven't connected with me, please do so soon. 2017 is underway! email: [masked], or call[masked]

Friday - Innovation Pavilion meeting
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Our Friday morning (every other week) Mastermind group is up and running at Innovation Pavilion. Are you ready to drive your personal and professional success ahead? Please contact me if you have the time and motivation to get involved in our Mastermind group.