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This is a group for small business owners that want to create happy loyal employees so your work load is lightened, you are less stressed and you can enjoy your business again. Business Owners that are struggling to get their employees to be more responsible for their outcomes, more enthusiastic and interested in their jobs so they want to stay with your company should join this group. We are going to get together with like minded business owners that are in the same boat dealing with the joys and frustrations of having other people working for you so you can leverage your services and make more money. We are going to look at different approaches to creating a cohesive work place where employees are not competing with each other but are working together. We will create respectful, thoughtful employees who are aware of how good they have it, understand the dynamics of your business and know how fortunate they are to have a job. It is expensive to continually retrain people if you are able to keep the employee you have happy so you are happy, less stressed and are making money.

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