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North Portland Bible Discussion Group -The Book of Acts!
We are kicking of a small group in North Portland (more locations to come)! We will be meeting every other Friday starting at 7:00PM. Come and enjoy dinner and a short discussion as we dive into understanding how we can apply the scriptures to our life today. Each night we will start dinner at 7:00PM followed with a discussion which we will shoot to begin around 7:30PM. The Book of Acts - Q3! - Come and join us as we look into the Book of Acts and how the 1st century church began:) Our goal is to love like Jesus and do the best we can to be like him in every way. Come Join us as we strive to make this world better one day at a time:)

The Smiths House

North Portland · Portland, OR


What we're about

We are a group of Christians striving to live by the Bible and share with others about the amazing God we follow. Sometimes it's intimidating to head to a large fellowship so we wanted to share our small group settings for those interested in learning more about the Bible, deepening their relationship with God, or just starting out and curious about who God is.

We will have multiple events/meet-ups posted sharing about the small group discussions, fun events, and even when we have special services at the church building or outside.

Also available are individual personal Bible Studies for those who would like to dig deeper into their understanding and commitment to God:)

Discussions that you can join!

• For College Students (20's) we have a variety of Campus groups that meet different days of the week.

• For Young Singles (20-30's) we have our Edge Group which meets every Thursday.

• For Families with small/older children, no children we also have groups around Portland that I can help connect you too. Just let me know where you live (area) and I'll get you in touch.

We are affiliated with the Portland Church of Christ:

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