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Coffee Chat about the Business of Construction
A small biweekly meeting where we can just talk about the business of construction. Often, these chats end up talking about improving business, asking for advice/help, or how-tos. I was hoping to make these into like an advisory board or accountability group, push each other to keep achieving. Why is this different? If you want to do the social aspect, you likely want to look into our pub events for sharing war stories and just unwinding. But this coffee is about business success!

Camellia Tea & Coffee

104-6888 Royal Oak Ave, · Burnaby, bc

What we're about

This is a group is for family-based or small businesses in residential construction (no more than 10 employees). This is an open discussion on how you can get started, improve processes, and overcome challenges. This includes new construction and renovations.

We will likely meet up for drinks for an hour biweekly or monthly.


1) Students of the game/Teachers of our Trade:

Our group will be a teaching resource. Finding out problems, collaborating, and sharing solutions, giving expertise.

2) We are a non-competitive community:

Let's go for coffee/drinks, share war stories, be open and non-competitive. True collaboration when we act together not against each other. Plus we know where we can go for help.

3) I want this to be exclusive to the small guys/gals

It's hard to compete against the Bosas' and the West Banks'. They have teams of people working to outproduce and outsell us. By working together, we can succeed just like they do.


1) You cannot solicit unless asked or unless you give first.

Example: Let's say if you're a mortgage broker and you're giving out cards to everyone and telling people about rates without anyone asking, you're getting booted. Go to a mortgage broker meetup.

Example 2: If someone says "I need a plumber" and you're a plumber, you can talk about it.

Example 3: You sponsor an event and give food to everyone and give a presentation on the real estate market, yes, you can give out your contact info at the session.

2) If you RSVP and can't make please tell us.

You know how it is like going on a date and the other person doesn't show up. Not cool.

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