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There’s an inexorable move towards the intelligent automation of everything. Smart cars, cities, spaces, processes; new ways of approaching previously human-intensive workflows and decision-making with robo-advisory and robotic process automation; the increasing development of autonomous equipment, data intensive applications and insight-driven (vs. rules-driven) customer interactions and business processes.

Most enterprises and the individuals within them have the perception of struggling to catch up on securing resources, competencies and a record of success with IoT, AI, machine learning and with data and analytics overall. “Smart” involves technology and it involves data and there’s lots of both of those – but – “Smart” implies intelligence with reference to outcomes and there’s an implicit nod to a requirement for innovation. People are both the purveyors and the recipients of “Smart” so how can we better think about creating and deploying intelligent automation, insight-based processes and Smart ’X’ and what experiences and outcomes are we looking to achieve?

This MeetUp aims to hold business outcomes and social innovation as guiding lights for the development of platforms, products, processes, frameworks and blueprints that can accelerate the production of your very own Smart ‘X’. Topics will be varied, we won’t avoid technology but we will specifically aim to keep technology honest in the company of people, process and outcomes.

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