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We have a very seasoned & extremely successful business consultant with decades of experience that is lending a hand to meet with select start-ups to help advise and potentially help take to the next level. His expertise has helped propel some companies into the stratosphere. With the right venture, I am sure he can take your concept, prototype & beta to the next stage. Email to discuss a consultation before the next event meetup.

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    Silicon Valley is THE hotbed for startups, so we thought it time to bring a showcase-style Meetup to the South Bay/Peninsula! We want to emphasize products that are, above all, smart! This means things that think for themselves, use novel materials/design, or otherwise make our world a better, more connected place.

    This Meetup aims to not only expose you to the newest of products, companies, concepts & technologies, but also connect experts with those seeking advisers, freelancers with employers, founders with partners & investors, and companies with their target markets. Think of it as an eclectic, multi-role job fair (if not for some elements of a county fair) with a focus on startups developing the Internet of Things, green tech, etc. All persons welcome.

    Smarter Things events feature:

    (1) a demo session by startups & founders in all stages of development

    (2) efficient networking sessions before & after presentations

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