November Smartups: Graham Brown, Owner, United State of Indiana

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Hype Is Not A Four-Letter Word.

When heading out on the town, you might have seen a shirt with what looks like an American flag on it where the stars are replaced with the state of Indiana. If you have seen the iconic shirt (and the many other shirts from the United State of Indiana (, then you have seen the work of Graham Brown.

Graham has used a unique strategy to build his business which started as a band, then went part time as a clothing company to where he is now full-time with four employees and growing.

Graham’s strategy involves using hype to build a business. Hype - as Graham says - isn’t a four-letter word like most people think. When a product or service gets hype, there is usually something behind the hype. That product or service provides some value. The key is learning how to build the hype and use it to get real customers. The secret? There are different kinds of hype that you can use for your business. In November, Graham will lay out a way for you to start using it right away as a marketing tool in your business.

I sat down with Graham a few weeks ago to talk about hype, and I came away fascinated and bristling with ideas. There is much more to his thesis on hype, and you will have to wait to hear his secrets on using hype and the stories he will tell.

So, RSVP today and bring your computer or phone to work on during the workshop.

What about the free stuff?

Well, there will be free beer and free food (provided by Nameless Catering) - and, as always, free knowledge will be freely dispensed.

What's the schedule?

6:00 - We kick things off with food and a beverage

6:20 - Hype Is Not A Four-Letter Word presentation

7:00ish - Workshop. Work on one of 3 Brass Tacks activities to start using hype in your business.

7:45ish - Eat, drink, & mingle