Social Media & Branding Workshop


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Are you a business owner looking to grow? Do you want your dream clients running to you? But is your branding holding you back?

Then this is for YOU!

Jacqui Hutton will be sharing her branding secrets on how to turn your ordinary branding into EXTRAORDINARY. This workshop will address the most common branding mistakes on social media and the actionable steps you can take to fix these mistakes and create business success.
About this Event
Tweak your social media branding to get your dream clients running to your business.

Stay updated by learning the latest social media trends
Discover what makes a brand extraordinary
Learn the importance of social media consistency
Unleash the power of your social media - learn the major do’s and don’ts
Learn how to target your dream clients on every post

About the speaker:

Jacqui Hutton is known for her kind-hearted spirit and ability to develop cost-effective, researched based, creative solutions that work to enhance business competitiveness in the market. Founding Smile Media at the young age of 20, Jacqui brings with her not only intelligence but also the 21st century mindset of the next generations approach in design and marketing.