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Be a Volunteer / Helper / Leader Event


Be a Volunteer / Helper / Leader Event

That is right we are doing a Leadership/Helper/ Volunteer event meeting Are you a part of the team or would you like to be a part...? So come socialize with other singles I have this posted on all three of my groups Topics:

Helping online

Hosting Events

Planning Events

Events Idea

Volunteering/helping at an event

5th Annual BBQ Picnic Camp out - Helpers Needed June 28-30th 2013

Here is your chance to come talk and share your interest. You never know who you will meet either.

If you would like to help out and can not make it please email me and let me know

I feel that this is an important step for our group to grow. We hope you have enjoyed the events if you have been to any. Catch the vision with us.. If you are shy or unsure if you would be interested come out and listen anyways.. without help this group wouldn't be able to have great events.

Current Leaders / Helpers please try and make a point to make it to this event also.

See you there