What we're about

The purpose of Snohomish County Hiking Group is to have fun hiking in the Seattle ares as well as to socially interact. We have a few hosts and organizers and they all have their own pace and choice of destination. Some are fast pace and some are slower paced.

This is a group you should join if you live in the Snohomish County area as that is where many of the meeting places are for the various hike. We have people from all areas though and can sometimes accommodate other pick up locations. With my hikes I try to stop on the way home for a meal so members can socialize as hiking spread people out.

So you ask why should I join your group as opposed to all of the others? There are a few reasons to join with us. One is that we are a fun, energetic, outgoing group that loves challenging hikes. There are some hosts and organizers that chose easier options but they seem to be awesome locations. Another reason is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Many of us have been hiking together for about two years now. Many of the hikes that I like to do I do on Sundays so that others can hike with other groups on Saturdays. Lastly, why wouldn't you want to hike with us, unless you don't like fun.

What do I need to do when I sign up? The first step is to have a clear profile picture of your face so that others can see who you are and feel comfortable meeting you. Some of the hikes might only be like three people so its important that all members can see you clearly. Please double check your profile picture for this specific group as the images can be changed within a group. Failure to do so can result in being deleted from the group as safety is important.

Please make sure you are aware of changes to the hikes that you sign up for. I tend to email all new people on my hikes to get an idea of there skills as to avoid having a problem. Many seem to get excessive emails so they turn off this option and then dont get updates, that is up to you to make sure you get the notifications or check the site for updates.

This group has no fees for its hikes but you are required to contribute for gas when you car pool with someone from a meeting point. Donations, which are always in CASH to the driver are anywhere from $5 to $20 depending on where the hike is. The IRS for 2018 has the standard rate for business mileage at $0.545 per mile. This basically is saying that it cost about $54.50 to drive 100 miles over all. That is a guideline and a business one at that.

If you do not visit the web page for more then four months you will be deleted from the group in order to keep the numbers lower. You can not hike for years and be fine as long as you visit the Snohomish County Hiking page as this at least shows interest.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to hiking with you!

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