Lezing september: Big and small data in bioinformatics

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Every 1st Thursday of the month Snow organizes a lecture on an IT-related topic. The lecture starts at 4 p.m. and lasts approximately one hour. Afterwards it’s time for chats, snacks and drinks!

The cost of sequencing a (human) genome has dropped from roughly 10
million USD in 2007 to around 1000 USD in 2019. As a consequence, the
amount of sequencing data generated worldwide has exploded.
Bioinformatics plays a central role in working with genomic data, both
in terms of generating the data and in terms of its interpretation and

In this talk Lennart will introduce some key concepts used in what is called the post-genomic era. What technologies are used to read the As, Cs, Ts and Gs that make up the genetic alphabet? Why would you want to analyse a person's genome? Or the genomes of hundreds of thousands of people? Where does bioinformatics come in? How big or small are these datasets? Can I do this at home or do I need a data centre?

He will show how a bioinformatician can work on various projects, ranging from big datasets with genetic data on hundreds of thousands of
individuals, to small datasets of a single person. The projects range from fundamental science, where the researchers want to understand the
aetiology of a disease, to applications in clinical practice or at home.

The aim of his talk is to give you a better understanding of the methodology behind various modern methods for analysing DNA, of how bioinformaticians are key to analysing this type of data, and of how genomic data is used in both large-scale 'big data' projects, and on a very personal scale.

Lennart Karssen obtained his MSc in experimental physics at Utrecht University, followed by a PhD in experimental atomic and optical physics in 2008. Thereafter he worked at the National University of Rwanda as postdoc in the Research Commission and as senior lecturer at the Department of Physics. Upon his return to The Netherlands he worked as a Unix/Linux consultant at Snow.

From 2010 – 2013 Lennart worked as a postdoc in bioinformatics and server guru in the Genetic Epidemiology group at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

Since late 2013 Lennart works together with Dr. Yurii Aulchenko in their company called PolyOmica. His main role is head of bioinformatics and data management. In 2015 he obtained an MSc in health sciences with specialisation in genetic epidemiology from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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