Past Meetup

Maker Camp: Makers in Motion Week 1 at CALB

This Meetup is past


Youth may participate in Maker Camp and the Google+ Hangout at the Cultural Alliance.
Please help to bring supplies, and a $5.00 donation to help with space and tools will be much appreciated.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10AM - 1 PM
Friday 11 AM to noon
Note: No session on Thursday.

Monday: Two Liter Motor Boat


1/2 liter plastic soda or water bottle (2) ( Two Liter Plastic Soda Bottle (1) ( Wooden Sticks (10" - 14" long), "Chop" sticks or simiar thin wooden dowels will work. (2) ( Plastic food lids, or other sheet plastic, The plastic lids from coffee cans or certain ice creams are perfect (2) ( Need enough area to cut two rectagles each with one side just smaller than the diameter of the two liter bottle, and the other side about 3/4" longer. Rubber Bands, Large enough to span the diameter of the soda bottle, and rigid enough to wide up and provide drive. (2) ( Tape, Duct, or other reasonably waterproof tape (1) ( Tuesday: Easy Balloon Blimp

Wednesday: Bike Tail Pipe

Friday: Field trip (11:00 AM)
America's Fastest Sailboats Field Trip


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