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Have you ever considered becoming a Real Estate Investor?

Real Estate Investing IS HOT RIGHT NOW and we need help! There are more deals available in the marketplace than we can handle and we need HUNGRY, MOTIVATED, WILLING-TO-LEARN-NEW-THINGS-PEOPLE (not know it alls!!!) to help us take advantage of the profits that are sliding through our fingers because we don't have all the help we need right now.

We recently helped 35 new investors do 44 deals in their first 5 months working with us on a part-time basis. These we're all people who hadn't been investing in real estate lately and wanted to get in the game. The majority of these people had never even done a deal before.

Who are we? We are the So Cal Real Estate Investors Group and we currently cover San Diego County, The Inland Empire and Orange County. Collectively over the course of our individual real estate investing careers we've completed over a thousand REI transactions. We have Advanced, Intermediate and Beginning Investors as part of our team...some who do real estate investing as a full-time career and some who are just getting started and do it in their spare time.

When people come on board with us they always ask how will they be paid and what can they expect. What you are paid depends on the type of real estate investing transactions you are involved with and whether you do them all by yourself or partner with other more seasoned investors. You get paid from your share of the profits in the transactions you are involved with. Think of it this way. If you were a Realtor you would be paid based on the commission percentage that was negotiated with the homeowner you were selling the home for. It's likely that your income would depend on how many deals you do and at what price point your are selling at. Real Estate Investors are paid on profits. It's as simple as that. With us you can be around Full-Time Pros who know the business of investing and have done it for years just like a real estate agent can be around Realtor Pros (if they can find them to spend time with). We love working together with new people and help them get their start! All of us were new at one time in our careers. We know what it's like to be new. It's an exciting place to be!

To get more details about who we are, what we do and how we do it we'd love you to text us your first name, last name and email address to 858-400-8499 and say "My name is (first and last name) and my email address is (your email) and I'd like more info about working with you and becoming a real estate investor." Once we receive your text a "Live" person will get back to you about the process within 12-24 hours Monday - Saturday because none of us man the phone on Sundays.

Do you want the proof of what we do? We are actually happy and willing to take you on a walk-through of our actual projects here in So Cal...

So don't be shy! Text us now and let's get rolling with the info process.

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