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If you are currently a leader or a member of a secular group (humanist, agnostic/atheist, freethinker etc.) in Southern Cal, this is a great group to join. Our goals include:

1. Networking to build group cohesion and effectiveness within and between our various secular groups throughout SoCal

2. Promoting the CASE model (Community, Advocacy/Political Action, Social Causes, and Education) for our groups as well as collective mobilization; and

3. Sharing best practices with each other.

We currently have three Committees that meet via zoom bi-weekly: Connect, Share and Grow. If you'd like to join one or more and volunteer time to help us meet our goals, please message Dave (Organizer). This Meetup page can help steer anyone looking for secular connection to cool events happening throughout SoCal, and also be an excellent place for group leaders to share ideas of general interest and help provide greater connection.

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Coffee & Conversation

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Every Saturday at 6 pm we get together to talk about the last week's news from a progressive, ethical, and Secular Humanist perspective. It's a great place to share, vent, shine, and make friends. A lot happens during the week and we take Saturday evenings to review and decompress. Please see the link for joining. The password is: humanist (if you need it, the meeting id is:[masked]) The agenda is below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GBnuCyzXSHnt73T4WDXNB-D4lq1MgebkHiMJNsaZg1I/edit?usp=sharing

Dr. Darrel Ray, “Religious Trauma, Its Roots and Its Treatments”

Religious abuse is the root of religious trauma and often goes unrecognized by therapists and clients alike. Children raised in toxic environments do not know it is toxic; it just seems normal to them. When they experience symptoms later in life, failure to identify the root cause leads to inappropriate treatments. Appropriate identification and treatment can often lead to rapid improvement and positive outcomes. Misidentification can lead to years of frustration and inappropriate treatment. Dr. Ray is the founder and President of the Board of Directors of Recovering from Religion. He has been a psychologist for over thirty years and is the author of four books: two on organizational teamwork as well as "The God Virus-How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture" and "Sex and God-How Religion Distorts Sexuality". Dr. Ray has been a student of religion most of his life and holds a Masters Degree in religion as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology/Anthropology with a Doctorate in Psychology. We are also working to bring Recovering From Religion back to San Diego. Join in the discussion to help or find out more. Meeting ID:[masked] (no password)

Current Analysis & Projections of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Dave Flattery, will present his 8th update on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunday September 27th at 3:00 pm Pacific time. If you are interested in seeing detailed, organized, statistically relevant global data, presented without spin or agenda, so that you can draw your own conclusions, this talk is for you! Presented by the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara.

Weekly LGBTQIA Secular Social Hour

Online event

Where can non-religious LGBTQIA folks make friends, find community, and have that type of uplifting social network that many people seek out in more traditional settings like churches (with none of the superstition or antigay chatter)? Our community has long had a lot of us as members and in leadership, especially the Humanist Association of San Diego that even has a dedicate LGBTQIA satellite organization. Come and join us on Wednesdays at 7 pm for our weekly LGBTQIA Zoom Social Hour. please go to https://www.meetup.com/sdlgbthumanists/ to RSVP and get zoom info.

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Weekly LGBTQIA Secular Social Hour

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