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About Us:

“So Easy~So Good” is a vegan/wannabe group and as such all our events are ALWAYS VEGAN/Plant-Based, meaning that we will NOT use any animal products such as meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, fish and other animal derived ingredients at potlucks or any other outings

At potlucks and at any other events, such as eating out at a restaurant, we ask you kindly not to bring or order any animal derived foods!

If in doubt about what that means, please ask us. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have!

The goal of this group is to support people who want to change to a healthy plant-based diet in any way we can. Like any change it will take a few weeks to get used to eating this way, but then it is very easy.

So Easy-So Good is an inclusive group of all people on their journey to living a more mindful life. We do not exclude anyone no matter which eating level they are at as long as they are doing the best they can at this particular time in their lives. Remember, few of us were brought up vegan. It took me 57 years before I became vegetarian and another year after that to go vegan. Thanks Kathy Haynes President and Founder of So Easy-So Good So Easy to be Vegetarian/Vegan So Good for Health, Environment and All Living Beings.

At meetups/potlucks:

You will experience what it is like to eat a plant-based diet, taste a variety of delicious plant foods, learn from other members, listed to speakers, watch educational movies get support from us and our members.

“So Easy~So Good” joint forces with “Modesto Kale-Group” founded by Karin Billups and Mark Lutz, which is part of “PlantPure Nation” created by the producers of the documentary “Forks Over Knives” and the authors of “The China Study. Both groups are here for your local support to make healthy food choices and supply you with resources to make plant-based eating easier for you!

If you go to the “PlantPure Nation” website and sign up for free, you are able to order a 10 day jump start program that includes healthy flash frozen oil free whole foods plant-based meals (same as home cooked, no preservatives or additives) at a very low cost, find books, watch videos, local resources and enjoy a forum to connect online with other members locally and all over the country, a blog and local information, such as which restaurant has plant options. Go to: www.PlantPureNation.com (http://www.PlantPureNation.com/)

At restaurant outings:

You will learn with the help and support from us and our members how to order plant food at any restaurant. Please ask if you are unsure about what to order! All of us are not born vegan and we understand that there is confusion sometimes about the ingredients in the food.

We hope you enjoy our meetups as much as we do and you make new friends!

Feel free to call us with any questions:

Kathy Haynes, founder of “So Easy~So Good” 209-250-9961

Karin Billups and Mark Lutz, “Modesto Kale-Group” leaders 209-505-1516

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