What we're about

A group dedicated to meeting in the LA Area to talk about our favorite Scottish electronic duo, ambient, downtempo and idm music, 70's aesthetics, educational films, nature films, PSAs, the occult, aliens, ghosts, psychedelia, religion, and nature.

Coming someday: Mojave Desert camping weekend.

No in SoCal? That's ok. Add Boards of Canada as a topic in your account so other potential organizers worldwide can see your interest in BoC meetups here: https://boards-of-canada.meetup.com/

Photos of Doreset meet July 2013: https://plus.google.com/photos/104254400451816912837/albums/5897851237982285089?banner=pwa

Past events (7)

Stargaze in the Desert

Afton Canyon Campground

Tomorrow's Harvest Listening and Release Party

Mount Analog

Possible new video screening, listening party, or ?

Abandoned Water Park

Look for Cosecha/number station clues

Abandoned Gas Station

Photos (59)

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