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“This is a group for Straight Men interested in the finer but fun things in life, Wine, Women and Song (and not in that order)."

Guys, have you ever just needed a place and/or time to escape from life's drama and just enjoy what its like be in a environment free of life's issues with other like-minded male friends that are going through the same thing? Maybe just unwind with a nice glass of red wine while enjoying the nights event(s), a private poker game hosted the way men want it hosted or maybe head to the local lounge and enjoy the cocktails, music and strike up a conversation with single females for the night while leaving out the life's issues behind you, then this might be the group and place for you.

I'm looking for like-minded straight men that are of similar demographics and age and keep the group to a reasonable size of men who can actually make time to enjoy social activities within this group's events and just put your electronic devices down for a night. If you are in you 30's, 40's or early 50's and groomed & presentable, personable, sociable and take pride in yourself and you are an educated gentleman who's employed and can carry your financial load when we have events, then this might just be for you.

Things to enjoy as group events; wine tasting tours in private shuttle or guys private poker nights with possibly a female cocktail server, finer tequila or whisky tastings, billiard's night, live lounge music, women's sensuality, gentlemen's club night out, hiking, traveling and maybe some photography.

After doing much research on MeetUp for a men/guy's groups, I mostly found groups that mainly cater to bi/gay men and that cater to all types of women sexuality but there seems to be a lack of groups for straight males so please, this group is for Straight Men only in the 30’s, 40’s and very early 50’s, its not meant to be offensive, there are many other groups out there if you don't fit this criteria so please don't join if you are not a straight male. We are the minority here today, lets keep it that way, bigger is not always better.

This is not limited to just single men but if you are in a normal relationship and want to join, please be comfortable knowing some if not most of our events may have a single sexy female hostess as a server at our functions and men will be men in those moments. We are not her to create conflict in your personal life at home so please have your permission slips approved at home first for all of the above activities before joining.

This is a private group and it was created as a place for men to men, a place to enjoy what men like to do and a place to remove the drama that we encounter daily so please Do Not ask to join if you are a Drama-King.

I'm not looking to create a large group but a smaller group, maybe 7 to 20 men with all of us having similar interests so please be descriptive about yourself when requesting to join. Be available by phone also, I'm not looking to be a web posting service for anyone, this is for where real men can talk in person whats important to us.

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