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Escape the city and go for a hike or a weekend camping trip to incredible bucket list places. I'll be looking to do the local hikes that aren't done all the time. We've been hitting all the National Parks in the area -- within the past year, we've done trips to Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree. Coming up is Death Valley, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Beginner to advanced. Explore the wilderness and mountains with cool people. Join us.

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YOSEMITE CAMPING Trip! It's open! It's Amazing! We're going! So can you!!

YOSEMITE: One of the most beautiful places in America: It's world renowned. Everyone wants to go! If you've never been to Yosemite, this is your chance! Now there are new rules in place: Less cars allowed, less crowded! You should go! There's Half Dome. Yosemite Valley. Mountains. Giant trees. Bears. Incredible waterfalls!. This is the best time to go, while the waterfalls are huge and roaring! (Later in the Summer, some of the waterfalls get dry and sad.) Join us for a weekend of hiking, camping, and hanging out! Make some new friends! You will be going to Yosemite at a unique time. Yosemite will be a LOT less crowded than you've EVER seen it. Because of social distancing requirements, the Park Service now limits the number of cars into the Park each day. It'll be 1/2 to 1/3 as crowded as usual! READ RSVP INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. You can do this as a 3 night/4 day trip (you need Friday off) or... a 2 night/3 day trip. Keep reading... SAFETY: CAMPING RIGHT NOW: We will take all required precautions - and more! I screen people -- I want to know you are taking this seriously. Some people don't like this. But I think it's important. It is the way. (more SAFETY details below) NEVER CAMPED BEFORE? Don't worry, this is car-camping -- it's civilized! It's a developed campground with: Real bathrooms Hot & cold water. Showers SCHEDULE/HIKES: THURSDAY: Arrive anytime. Seeing the awesome Tunnel View at sunset is something to shoot for. FRIDAY: We'll check out some Yosemite must-sees like Yosemite Falls, Bridal Viel Falls, Mirror Lake and maybe explore the high country on Tioga Road. SATURDAY: Our featured hike; we will head to Glacier Point and do the Panorama Trail. (Alternate Glacier Point hikes will also be offered.) SUNDAY: Pack up and leave. Optional hike: Giant sequoia trees, anyone? THE PANORAMA TRAIL HIKE: This just might be the most amazing hike you've ever done! From the start of the trail at Glacier Point, you can see all of Yosemite Valley in front of you, with Half Dome, the iconic granite symbol of the park in the center, flanked by giant waterfalls to your left and right. The hike will soon take you to everything you see before you; You will be right next to those raging waterfalls and right at the base of Half Dome. You will not be disappointed. We're doing this hike the smart way -- we're starting from the top so it's almost all downhill. This is not a hardcore trip, but please be in good shape with some hiking experience. RSVP INSTRUCTIONS: If you want to go - RSVP Yes. (Don't forget: give me your email address.) Then I email you a SURVEY w/questions. Answer them. And you won't officially be on the trip until youre confirmed and pay. COST for the 3 Night trip is $130 per person. *Because more campsites are necessary with less people per site, the cost is more. Sorry. But you will enjoy the nicer campground with amenities! You will split gas cost and you'll also split the $30 park entrance fees (though a lot of people have the Parks Pass, which makes the entrance free.) PRECAUTIONS RIGHT NOW: We will follow all state and CDC rules, and we will just follow common sense. We will not be staying in a giant group campsite. Instead, we will have roomy individual campsites with a small number of people at each. I'm planning to have us operate as semi-autonomous groups based on campsite. We stay in these smaller groups -- let's call them Team A, Team B, etc, Outside our group, we will adhere to social distancing, and wear a face mask when necessary (in stores and with people outside our group) -- it's just the smart thing to do. Each campsite will have its own stove, some cooking gear, etc, & you can bring your own stuff too. Everyone gets their own set of plates, silverware etc. No potlucks, no drink sharing. Smart steps. YOSEMITE: Mountains, campfires, new friends. Safety. Join us.

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