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Another great meetup featuring well known Node experts with food and drinks.

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If you attended our last MeetUp Studio 528 is a few blocks North on La Brea. Also, like our last MeetUp the entrance is in the alley behind Studio 528. The main difference this time is that the space is much larger and there is an outside area so we will not be packed in like sardines.


There is limited parking in the alley behind Studio 528. There is ample free parking on the streets surrounding the area. The meters are all free at this time.


Caolan McMahon

Caolan is the creator of Kanso, Nodeunit and Async. Async is one of the most popular control-flow libraries for NodeJS and simplifies the process of writing asynchronous code. He has also developed decentralized, fault-tolerant systems for use in environments ranging from the far north of Canada to rural Africa. Caolan lives in Vancouver and enjoys snowboarding, sushi and sunrise hacking.

Learn more about Caolan on github:

Travis Glines

Travis started in the world of high performance physics simulations and now he builds scalable, realtime applications on top of Node. Several of his blog posts and hacks on Node have been featured in 5by5's The Dev Show, and ReadWriteWeb. He recently moved to LA from a small town in New Hampshire to co-found a social ecommerce startup which leverages many of the latest web technologies. Travis enjoys weekend hacks with friends, soccer and skiing.

Learn more about Travis on github: and his blog: