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SPECIAL EVENT - Various Types of Poly in your Master/slave Dynamic (ADULTS ONLY)

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MAsT stands for Masters And slaves Together. Our local chapter is hosting a discussion group about the different types of polyamory in the M/s dynamic and how to make it work. Unlike other discussions, please know this is about the Master/slave dynamic and NOT D/s. Ths is ALSO an ADULTS ONLY event. MAsT is a Moderately High Protocol event. This means that most (but not all) slaves are naked, sitting on the floor in front of their Master and stand to present in the center of the room at the sound of a bell until collected by their Master. You do not need to be in a relationship to attend this event, however, please respect those who are in relationships. (when in doubt, please speak to or ask to speak to the Master first)

PLEASE - RSVP only if you are serious about the M/s lifestyle. There is VERY limited space. This discussion is not a meant for curious on lookers. The discussions are based on participation from everyone.

(If you have a fetlife account, you can also RSVP on the event page (no limit). If you RSVP here and on fetlife, please make a note here on your RSVP that you have done so. This will help us determine how many will be in attendance. Thank You. :-) If for some reason this group really resonates with you and the RSVP list is closed (which I may have to do if the attendance gets too extensive), please send me a private message and I will see what I can do)

There is a required $5 donation to Threshold for hosting the event.

Please bring a potluck dish to share with the group.

Meeting starts promptly at 1:30, please try not to be late as it disrupts the discussion.

All MAsT meetings are considered "safe space" meaning that what is said in the group, stays in the group. If I find out that any of my members are talking about what was said in the group outside in the community, I WILL REMOVE YOU from my membership permanently. This is a very serious discussion group for those who feel at the core of their being that this lifestyle is essential in their lives or want to find out if it is.

The Various Types of Poly in your M/S Dynamic

Our MAsT North Hollywood topic for February is going to involved a discussion on the various types of poly in your M/S.

Poly can consist in many forms.


Often in our M/s dynamics we will have to deal with possibly one of these things happening and it can and does provide many challenges to any and all dynamics.

Maybe you're a slave not into SM but you're with a Sadist, how do you deal or cope with possible jealousies or insecurities when your Master plays with others? As a Master maybe you're not as hard of a Sadist your slave needs, how do you deal with sharing your partner?

Masters what gets you through the times when you're with a bisexual slave who needs time with a women/man?

slaves how are you feeling when your Master decides He or She may want another slave or sex partner?

This meeting is a chance for us all to come together and share our experiences as M/s couples and how we work through the challenges of adding another person to the dynamic.

We have asked a local poly meet up group to come share their experiences and possibly share some of their insights on the topic that just may be a golden nugget for you!

We hope you will join us and share some of your own insight.

MAsT North Hollywood

Meets every month, on the second Sunday, we are a group of people interested in M/s get togethers to talk. "Interested in M/s" is an intentionally broad term. We have couples who are living 24/7 M/s, Masters and slaves without partners, people who are curious about M/s, people on a path to M/s, and people who think M/s probably won't work for them but want to investigate it anyway. And those are just the demographics I know about.

In other words, if you find the topic of Master/slave relationships worth talking about in any way, this group is for you.

A few words about words: in this group, as in the larger M/s community, the titles "Master" and "slave" are not gender-specific.

You will find talk about how to balance an authority exchange relationship with the rest of a full life. We don’t think M/s is better than any other relationship choice. We think it's one option among many, and the best relationship choice is the one that works best for you.

We believe there is no one way to have an amazing M/s relationship. Some of us are monogamous. Some of us are poly. Some of us have no sex or romantic love at all in our M/s.

Some of us incorporate heavy SM. Some do not. Some have no SM at all.

We believe that HOW you do M/s is up to you, and what works for one pair might not work for another. And we believe that by meeting and talking about our relationships and desires, we can make them better.

So that's just what we do.

Our meeting is discussion focused on a particular topic. We have a rough theme each month, but if a different theme emerges from the conversation in the first half, we go with that. Sometimes the talk is focused on supporting people, sometimes an intellectual debate, sometimes something else entirely. You shape the conversation with your interests.

The Threshold Society has been kind enough to donate the use of their space to MAsT North Hollywood, and each of us donates $5 to cover their costs (if you have it -- no one will ever be turned away because they don't have the cash!). We are not formally affiliated with Threshold, so you don't have to be a member to attend. And our meetings are also potluck lunches, so there is always great food to snack on.

We look forward to sharing with you all

MAsT: North Hollywood is happy to support the efforts of our local MAsT chapters located in the SFV & OC areas: MAsT: GLA, MAsT: Orange County & MAsT: Huntington Beach.

MAsT Mission Statement
Masters And slaves Together International ("MAsT") is an association of individuals interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority. MAsT believes that such relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness for such individuals, and MAsT is therefore dedicated to equipping them with tools and resources that will assist them in developing relationships that are healthy, functional, and real. Through the sanctioning of local chapters that meet on a regular basis, MAsT provides social and support opportunities for its members and fosters the beneficial exchange of lifestyle knowledge and experience. MAsT is committed to demystifying M/s, D/s, and other power exchange relationships for those in the leather/fetish/BDSM community and, on a greater level, to correcting the misinformation and combating the denigration that often occurs in our larger societies with respect to such relationships.

revised 06/01/08

Core Values
Personal Fulfillment

MAsT believes that power exchange relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness.

MAsT is open to all adults interested in consensual power exchange relationships.

MAsT welcomes people of every sexual and gender identity, race and ethnicity, body type, socio-economic status, physical capability, and religion or spiritual practice (including those with no spiritual beliefs).
Free Association

MAsT’s respect for inclusivity and diversity does not preclude each MAsT chapter from assembling according to the desires of the chapter director, and from determining the criteria for membership or participation in that chapter.
Community Support

MAsT encourages the healthy development and support of power exchange relationships through the sharing of knowledge, experiences, perspectives and ideas among its members.

MAsT believes that the individuals who enter into a power exchange relationship do so as equals and that, as with other types of personal relationships, power exchange participants have an obligation to support the well-being of the relationship and that of those with whom theyÂ’ve engaged in such relationships.
Personal Responsibility

MAsT believes that every individual who engages in a power exchange relationship has a primary obligation to their own well-being and is therefore responsible for taking appropriate action if such relationship becomes detrimental to their sense of well-being or is otherwise no longer personally satisfying.

MAsT believes that the protocols created by those in a power exchange relationship apply only to the individuals engaged in that relationship. The individuals in the relationship do not have the right to impose their protocols onto others, and those who are not a part of that relationship have neither the right nor the obligation to participate in such protocols when interacting with the individuals in the relationship.

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