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So-Cal Polyamory - Dinner and Discussion at Fuddruckers

Price: $2.00 /per person

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It is once again time to have our monthly Southern California Polyamory Meetup!!! Our meetup is in the beautiful Downtown Burbank (click here for the downtown Burbank website) ( Fuddruckers. There is a lot to do in downtown Burbank before the meetup so I encourage everyone to take a look at the website. Several movie theaters, clothing shops and the Media Center Mall and more :-)

The meetup will begin at 8pm and Fuddruckers closes at 11pm.

Please come and join us for a good time, good food and a great opportunity to meet new friends. Typically our discussion ranges from polyamory to current events, personal stories through our dreams for the future. Bring your questions, and be ready for a fun night of socializing. We do not typically have a planned discussion topic, but if you have one, feel free to bring it up. I also set up a discussion thread for topics (click here).

Dress is always casual, so don't worry about dressing up, though some do dress up if they are thinking of heading out to any number of clubs that are located just over the hill in Hollywood.

Please bring the family, kids too (I usually bring at least my 17 year old, and sometimes my 14 year old). We have had newborns, toddlers, school age kids and teens at our events in the past. There are a few arcade games at the restaurant. The meetup typically has between 35-40+ people, sometimes more. (This is a joint meetup for Loving More and the Southern California Polyamory Meetup Groups)

The old rules still apply.

1. Everyone is required to order something to help support the venue, and everyone is on their own bill. We want Fuddruckers to be happy with us as a group and we want them to welcome us back.

2. Please do not arrive before 8pm. There is plenty to do in downtown Burbank, including free wi-fi. There is usually a party meeting in the yellow room before us, so please do not disturb them. Our area will be roped off for us. :-)

3. A $2 donation (or more) is always appreciated to help me cover the fee Meetup charges me to organize the event.

4. This is a family friendly event, meaning there most likely at least be my children present (ages 14 and 17). If you bring your own children, please be willing to supervise them. Because of the children and the nature of the meetup, this I do not consider the event a "pick up" event. While connections hopefully will be made, this is a discussion and dinner with friends event.

5. There is a lot of parking in downtown Burbank. Parking is either on the street, in the lot off of First and Magnolia, the lot on Orange Grove between First and San Fernando, or in either of the lots on Orange Grove between San Fernando and Third. There is also parking at the mall (1 block away) and on the street. (In other words, there is lots of parking available, but it does fill up, so take this into account when planning your arrival time).

I look forward to seeing everyone there!


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