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Group Watch Showtimes's "Polyamory: Married and Dating"

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MAL9EW: This 1st occurrence is a dress rehearsal (, so publicity is short & limited. Next week is the real thing: check the group calendar for that listing, it should be there now or soon, and RSVP for that as well. This also gives people a 2nd chance not to miss the introductory first session.

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MAH7BW: Group watch&discuss ( - Showtime's new hot reality series "POLYMAORY: MARRIED & DATING" (,
M8O4OG: "“the Best Reality Show on TV” says ("
--not surprising given this excellently-produced show follows & interviews 2 real polyamorous families today right here in SoCal (, including shows them in the bedroom, dinner table, work, shower, driving, parties, with their relatives, children, lovers, & friends, indeed seemingly everywhere in their poly ( lives!
"M875BU: A MUST-SEE ( for most anyone ( affected by romance & marriage."
MAH804: Watch the intro & trailer:

MAH2QI: Don't get Showtime ( Then this event series will likely be your only way to see this show, a major reason we're holding it; and it & this fine show may also give you reason to signup for Showtime (! And even if you do get Showtime (,...
MAH309: Watch the show HERE:
*on our home theater (created for this event series, with a huge ~85-inch screen & great sound) and
*with other local interested people to talk about & discuss the show with!
M8GGAG ( PLEASE RSVP NOW especially as that helps make this happen; we need to know now “Who’s interested?”. Also space is limited, but there's an automatic waiting list. If RSVPing NO, please explain why in your RSVP.
M8LS2P: With our connections, we may be able to get some of the stars of the show to join us & talk with us live! at one of our future showings (as the stars live right here in SoCal) --that is, if we're getting enough RSVP YESes to bring them out, so RSVP YES now!
"M7XL6M: ..BRING YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER, including for our discussion (for posting our discussion live online (, and for web lookup), for completing a survey, plus for your posting event & show review and especially for planning future activities. Free wifi Internet will be provided."
MAH2L6: Free popcorn for everyone. And, if you wish, bring some snacks, drinks, and/or food to share.
M8LT3Q: Our goal is for everyone to be able to afford to come to this educational event!
MAH03Z: As is typical for introductory polyamory ( events, this aims to be a family event as much as possible. Advanced adult sexual & especially-romantic topics will be covered but in a serious & non-pornographic manner and there will be no attendee sexual activity going on at this event. Those under 18 are welcome but only if accompanied by their parents.
MAH1PY: This event series, which we hope to repeat, watches & discusses all of season 1 (7 episodes ~25 minutes each). To do that, we're holding 2 sessions, currently 1 week apart. The 1st session covers episodes 1 thru 3 and the 2nd covers episodes 4 thru 7. Though not required, it helps if you do all sessions in order. As a refresher, the above 3-minute intro video will be shown at the start of every session.
MAGZH7: This is the very first occurrence of this event series. Learning from your participation & feedback, in the near future we aim for us and other romance groups around the world to do many more & larger showings -to get the word out on this new romance technology!- plus hoping to raise appropriate money for the series owner in appreciation of their efforts here ( Please help us with this! --
M7XO6S: Especially for future showings, we could use additional event hosts and we need additional venues ( If you or someone you know might be interested, please post a comment on that venue link or here.

M7XLCV: For complete details (covering this event series ( & much more), see our worldwide promotion of this hot Showtime series especially to romantic organizations (

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