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America the Beautiful at Night by Wally Pacholka

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America the Beautiful at Night

Famous modern day historian Ken Burns says "America's greatest gift to itself" is the National Parks with all of their beauty. As an amateur astronomer & landscape astrophotographer Wally Pacholka has made it his mission to showcase the exceptional beauty of the night sky over these famous America parks and landmarks. Continuing his series "America the Beautiful at Night" he will present stunning night photographs of his recent night hiking tours of Hawaii, Easter Island and the Pacific Northwest Volcanic Parks. In addition to his stunning images of the night sky he will be sharing how to take photos that get published and how to negotiate effectively with publishers on price.

Wally Pacholka

Pacholka is a amateur astronomer that specializes in landscape astrophotography of America's national parks and landmarks. He certainly has popularized this unique astrophography method with countless local, national and international publications such as 39 APOD's, National Geographic 12x, LIFE Magazine 7x, 2 TIME Magazine Pic of Year editions, Cover Beautiful Universe 2009 and 2011, etc...
Recent Artilces:
Maui Magazine ( just released a 10 page article on the hiking and photography of their fabulous Haleakala Crater in January.
Entrepreneur Magazine ( launched an article about former accountant becoming full time artist and shifting into new career of showcasing "America's Parks at Night".
More of his works are available at his website: (

"What's Up?" in this month will be presented by Steve Condrey

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