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There are many of us with off-road vehicles who enjoy getting outdoors into remote areas for nature explorations and geology, without making it an ordeal.

Trail difficulty levels are between 1-3. There are many easy 4x4 trails in the SoCal deserts and mountains, where you can get outdoors safely. There can be opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, learn about local history and geology, stretch your legs and picnic for a while, rather than making it a race to the finish.

Trails will be concentrated in the Mojave Desert and Big Bear/Arrowhead areas.

There is no fee to join or attend this group. Loose change to help maintain Meetup costs would be appreciated if you attend an event. But not required.

If you're interested, you are welcome to join!

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Replacement Trail -- Victorville or Big Bear?

Exit 140 - Starbucks/Union 76

Until the Forest Service repairs the usual soft-roading trails in Arrowhead/Big Bear, an alternative to 3N16 needs to be determined. 3N16 is in bad shape. After the scouting mission on April 20th, there are 3 spots that are not "soft-road compatible". While my Cherokee Trailhawk impressively managed to survive, it wasn't easy, and required a spotter (thank you Wade!). At least the scouting expedition was worthwhile, but I won't take that trail again until it's repaired. The wash-outs are too deep for an average vehicle. Options: * There are trails in Big Bear that are open and easy, but it takes time to get to Big Bear along the 38. * Stoddard Wells Road in Victorville is a very easy trail, and there are side-trails that can be explored. But it also takes time to get to Victorville! Let me know if you have your heart set on Big Bear, or if the desert is an option.

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Scouting Expedition -- 3N16 Conditions

27627 Base Line St

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