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UPDATED for FALL (and beyond) ## Schedule + INFO ##
So what's going on with our camping trips? Want to get away and just chill around a campfire?

HOW THIS PAGE WORKS: This page keeps you updated on our upcoming Camping Trips -- so you can plan farther in advance. It is NOT an RSVP for any of those trips. (see active links below)

REMEMBER : If you see a trip you like, you have to click on that trip's event page and RSVP separately.

SCHEDULE: (page down for details)

Nov 27-29 | JOSHUA TREE
Don't have plans for the Thanksgiving weekend?
Join us in Joshua Tree for a weekend of camping, hiking, and hanging out. (Trip starts on Friday.)

Dec 11-13 | BIG SUR
Nobody ever does trips to Big Sur. But we do. We have a great campsite. Fresh air, ocean views.

Mar 12-14, 2021 | VALLEY of FIRE / Red Rocks Canyon (near Vegas)
Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon are super cool parks just outside Vegas. We've never been there, and nobody's ever done a trip there before! You've heard of "The Wave" in SE Utah? Well, come see "The Fire WAVE" in the Valley of Fire! Plus the Pink Pastel Canyon (that's it in the photo above). So we got red and pink rock formations, ancient petroglyphs, and much more!

Apr 9-11, 2021 | PINNACLES National Park (Central California)
Pinnacles is small but unique. It's not the usual scenery: It's curiously different and like nothing you’ve imagined. Here, a unique combination of climate and geology has created fascinating views that give it an almost otherworldly aura. Famous for its Bizarre rock shapes. Super dark skies - great for stargazing! And it has that middle of nowhere feeling that I really like!

REMEMBER : See a trip you like?
Then click on that trip's event page and RSVP separately.

I know we are all concerned about safety in our present situation. How are we're doing camping right now.

We will take all required precautions - and more! :
I send you a survey.
I want to know you are taking this seriously.
You get screened. You get tested.
Some people don't like this.
Some people get excluded. But I think it's important.
It is the way. (details below)

Well, we will be doing things a little differently now. First of all, we will not be staying in large group campsites. We will have standard, but roomy, individual campsites, with 6-8 people per site. For example, if we have 24 people, we will have 8 at 3 separate campsites (all nearby). In effect, we will be operating as 3 groups of 8 during our hikes and activities. We stay in these smaller groups -- let's call them Team A, Team B, Team C. Outside our group, we will still try to adhere to social distancing as much as practical (the outdoors is good for this).

I bring my face mask and keep it handy. I will not be hiking in it, but might need it if I can't avoid outsiders on narrow trails or in buildings etc. If conditions change, we will adjust.

Each campsite will be supplied with their own stove, cooking gear, etc, and I encourage everyone to bring their own cooking gear if they can. In addition, I will issue each person their own set of plates, silverware etc (so you don't have to all reach into the same bin each time). More details when you RSVP.

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