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Summer is here!
And that means CAMPING. We'll be doing a bunch of fun camping trips this Winter and next year.


DEC 13-15 | BIG SUR
I posted a new camping trip to Big Sur trip for next wknd. It's super hard to book any campsite at Big Sur, and this just happens to be the BEST campground with the most incredible ocean views! PLUS I've booked the #1 rated campsite in the entire campground!

See the trip here:

I suggest you try to make the trip. I've been trying to find a Big Sur campsite for 2 years. We might not be back there for awhile....

Ok, you missed Lassen. It was awesome.

Aug 30 - Sept 2 | SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK for Labor Day Wknd
That was a great trip. What a cool bunch of people!

Nov 15-17 | DEATH VALLEY
This trip is live and posted! There's a meteor shower happening while we're there. We'll be hiking, sandboarding -- plus I have some new hikes and new places planned.

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NEVER CAMPED BEFORE? No worries: These trips are a great intro to camping. No camping experience required. Minimal gear needed. If you've always wondered "Why do people like to go camping?" . . . well, come and find out!

GOING ALONE? Don't know anyone on the trip? Don't worry, so's almost everyone else. It's a great welcoming environment, with a cool group of people, and it's a great way make new friends.

Come join us!