Past Meetup

The New Superman Movie..."Man of Steel"


The showtimes have finally been released. My original time was just an estimate. Since the majority of folks have decided that 2D is the format of choice, the showing is 9:30am. They have finally layed out the time for showings. Sorry that it is kinda of on the early side, but this way, we get the matinee price. This is roughly a 2 1/2 hour movie, hence the reason theatres may have such an early time for first showing. .I personally will buy up to 6 tickets for stragglers that may not have been able to buy tickets ahead of time, and you can pay me there. I can not predict how fast this tickets will go, since it is so early and it is FAther's Day, this should not be an issue, but what do I know? The tickets are only $6.50, and you can purchase them at Fandago. Here is the Schedule..