San Diego, CA

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Aug 16, 2016

What makes you a nerd (specify types of hobbies, interests, etc.)? Don't just say 'My Hobby' or 'Job'. Dig deep, tell us about yourself.

Reading is probably my biggest nerd hobby, I'm a total bookworm. Slowly growing my library, with one of my neatest books being a copy of the Portrait of Dorian Gray from the 1920s. The rest of my nerdiness is pretty widespread - Harry Potter fanatic, FireFly lover, Scrabble dominator, documentary watcher - I even did a Captain America painting for a friend's birthday after getting introduced to graphic novels. I didn't get into video games as a kid, but I've found Steam and games like Portal and Civ as an adult and am starting to explore. And I've never had an opportunity to cosplay, but I want to so badly!! I wish I had gotten into comics before ComicCon was such a sh*tshow. I also work on the people side of things (Organizational/People Development) at a cutting edge tech company (semiconductor capital equipment), which provides the best of both worlds for me.

So why do you want to hang out with a bunch of nerds?

I'm looking for my people!

What area(s) of town are you most likely to participate in events?

Clairemont/PB/La Jolla are closest - but downtown and Mira Mesa/RB aren't too far in either direction.

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Welllllll... if we're *really* being nerdy... those rules say 2015 and I'm told "Please *dol* not advertise or try to sell goods or services..." and "...many of *your are* here to network" but if you bring me on as editor, I think "We're cool" ;)