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San Diego, CA

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Mar 11, 2015


Talk nerdy to me.

What makes you a nerd (specify types of hobbies, interests, etc.)? Don't just say 'My Hobby' or 'Job'. Dig deep, tell us about yourself.

I have a PhD in Cancer cell biology. I love anime, video games (especially my all-time favorite Legend of Zelda), and I read all sorts of fantasy novels. Oh and Disney movies. I still love watching and singing along to Disney movies.

So why do you want to hang out with a bunch of nerds?

Because nerds are the coolest people ever! Plus who else is going to understand why I own 10 different legend of zelda shirts?

What area(s) of town are you most likely to participate in events?

During the week, miramar/Mira Mesa, Poway, la jolla, and Clairemont or Kearny Mesa. On weekends I'll go just about anywhere.

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Yes it's all me!