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Are you a fan of Friendship is Magic? Do you like ponies? Are you from Southern California? Then this is the place for you! We specialize in Friendship and Friendship accessories.

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Game Tournament - Canterlot Siege 2

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Buy ponies and place them along the path to stop each wave of enemies from reaching Canterlot. You can upgrade your ponies, buy support ponies to enhance your ponies' abilities, and call on the Princesses with their super powers.

Each 10th wave has a boss villain:

  • Wave 10 - Nightmare Moon
  • Wave 20 - Queen Chrysalis
  • Wave 30 - Sunset Shimmer
  • Wave 40 - Discord
  • Wave 50 - ?????

A number of you who have played this game call it simple but compelling. So this weekend let's have a tournament to see who can beat wave fifty first. I will have three computers set up for three players to compete at the same time. The first player to beat the game will win a hard-to-find MLP item.

Bronies at a reopened restaurant

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Souplantation has reopened, with the first location opening in La Mesa, CA. Join fellow bronies for dinner full of soups and salads.

Reopening news:

Why it closed:

Post Comic-Con International brony panel meetup

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Following the first night of Comic-Con International 2022, the first full convention held by CCI at the San Diego Convention Center, join panelists of the brony panel, and other bronies, in having a drink at the end of the day.

Bronies play Pokémon Go

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Bronies attend an event hosted by Lure Modules San Diego at Balboa Park.

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Bronies go to the San Diego Zoo

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