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The North County Cupcake Social!

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IMPORTANT EDIT: Hey everypony hold up a bit before you go off buying frostings and candies!

Since we have a good group but not quite the size which would leave me baking dozens and dozens of different flavored cupcakes for naught (not as if that's a bad thing but still). I believe my cupcake ingredient money will be better spent buying some good quality premades from the market.

So instead of folks bringing frostings and toppings, bring a bottle of juice or milk, some chippies and dip... all the sugar, cups and other stuff's on me!


The idea is a relaxed chill out afternoon in the park, featuring cupcakes!

I personally would make a small variety of tasty cupcakes, I'd just ask everyone who wants to come to bring frostings and treats to go on top of the cupcakes, so people can mix and mingle while decorating their cupcakes. Milk or other drinkables (non-alcoholic), too. Oh and maybe some solid food so we're not all going loopy like Pinkie Pie after tasting the rainbow.

Not quite a BBQ, but sorta like a potluck (of sugar).

Not on a Saturday/Sunday due to this park being cluttered with sporting events those days and I'd rather we all be able to enjoy ourselves without the din of jocks! ;p

Note: Location can be totally variable (as long as it stays in North County), but would like to keep it to a Friday, because its 20% less insane on Fridays.