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With Christmas decorations already lining the shelves in various stores, it’s a well enough sign that the season is upon us.

The holidays are a time of giving and I figured it would be a good idea if we, as a community, gave to some needy kids.

So with that in mind, I present to you: The Brony Toy Drive.

Item and carpool sheet (



The way it goes is real simple:

Only new unopened toys are accepted. Not everyone needs to bring a toy. You can attend the meetup without bringing anything to donate. Not every toy needs to be pony-related. Of course too much pony is never a bad thing. The toys collected will be a part of Operation Winter Wrap Up (

We advise you to deposit your toy/s the minute you arrive so there is less stuff for you to carry and worry about.

At the end of the meet we'll tally up the total number and make a record of it so we can send evidence of our efforts to EQD.

I’ve talked with Toys-for-Tots and was informed that they would send one of their representatives to inspect and pick up the toys once I give them a date, time, and location.

If the representative is unable to make it, we'll drop off the toys at their nearest headquarters.



These have been a hit at past meets and we're always looking to add more to the itinerary!

Prizes and supplies will be coming out of the group fund, but we could always use a hand.

If you would like to host an event, contest, or whatever else, please let us know and we'll add you to the list.


Pretty self-explanatory. We'll have limited supplies so it's only one pie per brony.

The first to finish wins!


Smith park has large open fields which are perfect for this event!

The first team to cross the finish line win.


This is an entirely new thing for our events which means it's liable to change or be moved.

At previous meets we have seen various artists who sell their merchandise and prints online, but only a few have brought any of their supplies. Even fewer have managed to sell their wares at meets.

At this meet, we'll have a small designated area for community merch, by the bronies, for the bronies. And I by that I mean NO official Hasbro merchandise.

Bring your plushies, your pins, your prints, and whatever else you want to sell!

There is no fee, any and all money you make at the event is yours. That being said, we are NOT going to be in charge of your stuff. Keep an eye on it at all times, everything you bring is your responsibility. The group is not responsible for anything that you may lose.

With all that being said,




Like previous meets we rely on a little it of help from everyone.

Additional tables, utensils, and some food will be taken out of the group fund and provided at the park. Still, we have a whole lot to feed so whatever you can bring will be of great help.

Be forewarned that any food you bring is up for grabs at the end of the meet (if there is any left.) I mostly mention this because at every meet we've had to divide up the leftovers amongst ourselves, but we did feel a bit guilty about taking food that we didn't bring.

If you leave early and want to take home whatever is left of whatever you brought, please do so.

ALSO please please PLEASE remember to take home any plastic food containers you may have brought. We've had to throw away some Tupperware in the past.


Now, we have an outlet we can use and we intend to bring extension cords and power strips.

Still, we really don't feel comfortable bringing a lot of electronics.

What we do need, however, are speakers and audio equipment. Music will do just fine and is a lot easier to manage.

If you would like to bring supplies and/or be in charge of the music, please let us know and we'll give you the job!


Well, it IS a park so feel free to bring your pets if you think they would be able to behave.

Much like anything else you bring to the park, YOUR pets are YOUR responsibility.

We can't guarantee that we'll have food/water bowls for them, so it would be best to bring all the supplies they need.



It's a moderately sized park located right on Rosemead.

It's across a Chuck E Cheese and just a few streets down from a Target.

The park features:

Two playgrounds A small skate park Three baseball fields Two basketball courts A small amphitheater (pictured above) which we intend to use for the meet And A LOT of running room



It's Fall in California which means one thing: inconsistent as all hell weather.

It was pouring like crazy a few days back and today it was extremely warm.

There's no telling what the weather will be like on that day so be on notice that plans may change in the future.

If the weather is bad on the 10th, the toy drive will be moved onto a later date.


Further notes that didn't seem to fit anywhere else:

We made this event early since the sun sets at around 5-6pm. This will allow us more meetup time and warm weather. There may or may not be an after party at Chuck E Cheeses. It depends on how many bronies are left and at what time the majority started to leave. The after party at Chuck E Cheese is not covered by the group fund, so please don't be surprised if you have to foot your own bill. If you want to come in costume, that is entirely up to you.

And that’s it!

Here is a chance for all of us to do some real good to some kids out there and to put a good light on this fandom.
I hope this all goes well and that you guys are on board with this!