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Royal Guards II: The Great Valley Adventure


With the resounding success of the our first taste of paint, I would like to set in motion another round of paint-shed and some fresh battle-scars to show off to all the fillies at the Gala. Fillies love guys with battle scars.

Admission with all safety and shooty equipment included is $39.00. This includes mask, gun, all-day air, and 500 rounds.

Admission if you bring your own gear is $20.00 flat, and includes admission and all-day air.

Field paint is $20 for a pack of 500 rounds, $30 for a pack of 1000, or $40 for a pack of 2000.
If you rent your gear, you'll have to buy your paint at the field, no getting it beforehand at Wal Mart. Your rental includes 500 rounds, but if your trigger finger is itchier than you anticipated, you might want to bring 20 bucks that you can pool with your buddies to get a 2000-pack.

You'll need to fill out your standard "I won't sue you if I do something stupid" waiver if you want to play.

Also, Mr Paintball is located next to Lake Wohlford, so expect it to be a few degrees cooler than what the forecast says it will be.

As always, after the main event, there will be a VICTORY FEAST at one of the nearby eateries (Probably one that has a two-for-20 thing going on) so bring some pocket-change for this too.

For more about the Royal Guard and the whole Paintballing thing, we have a thread going in the Forum that you can visit.


25320 Lake Wohlford Road Escondido · Escondido, CA