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South Coast Social! (#3) - Talk & Walk @ South Coast Plaza!

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I'm back, beeyetches! It's about time, too! It's about time that I got back into the swing of things, so let's get a large amount of ponies, shall we?

Same as always, we will meet at the carousel in the mane building.

If you want food or drink, or if you want to shop, bring some bits.

There are many different places to go at this location, e.g. Sony Store, Brookstone, Puzzle Zoo (with retail priced ponies as we found out last time), Microsoft Store, and many others.

For those who have not been to one of these, the objective is simple. Basically, all we are doing is walking around South Coast Plaza and talking about...well, ponies!

What we do afterwards is up for grabs. There is a Target nearby that (at least last time I checked) is pretty well stocked with cards and shiny blinds, as well as the new crystal empire sets.

There's also a Five Stallions in the same plaza as Target if we all want to grab a bite.

Let's do this! (AGAIN!)

-Rece T.

P.S.: Marc is best Scootaloo, Tyler is best Bloomer, Brett is best Sweetie Belle, and Denise is best Babs. Cutie Mark Crusaders Window Shoppers go!