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Hosted by "SoCal Volunteers United" in OC

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Every 4th Saturday of the month

St. John's Lutheran Church

154 S. Shaffer Ave. · Orange, CA

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Check description for info on where to park. If other members sign up, maybe post a comment, or contact each other in advance, and coordinate together on how best to meet one another. Thanks for helping. Have fun!

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Throughout Southern California, food is given for free to people who might be struggling (e.g. unemployed, disabled, homeless, low-income families, seniors on fixed incomes, etc.).

Individuals, food banks, markets/grocery stores, food manufacturers, restaurants, farmers, and others donate food to partner agencies such as soup kitchens, food pantries, churches, and other charities & non-profits for reaching people in need of food.

Caveat: Some distributions occur at churches. I could be wrong, but my conjecture is most food distributions don't involve proselytizing. If anyone is atheist, agnostic, anti-religion, non-religious, Jewish, Muslim, or of a different faith...please know I always ask the respective church group before posting if they allow anyone to participate.

If you see this event here, then it should mean they are receptive of everyone outside their church group who wants to help (age requirements of kids/minors might apply for some).

Also, if this location (or date/time) is not convenient for you, scroll to the bottom of this description for info on how to find other food distributions.


All food distributions differ. Each group might do things differently and have unique rules/restrictions.

In general, examples of tasks include setting up tables, unloading/unboxing the food donations, neatly organizing and placing food donations on tables, helping with passing out food, assisting with the clients in line, registration/check-in, and clean-up.

Some food distributions are outdoors...while some might be indoors.

Some people might prefer to avoid events related to the homeless or anything involve cooking or getting in general, food distributions are another option of volunteer events to choose from.

Plus, this can be a great way to meet people (the other volunteers) who live near you compared to other meetup events that are far and you might not see the other volunteers again. Many people who volunteer are friendly, so this can be an effective way to meet people and make new friends in your area.


These photos are from other food distributions. Not all are identical, so the following pics might give a general idea of what some distributions look like.

Photo Source/Credit: OC Register

Photo Source/Credit: OC Register


Okay...finally, here are the details for this specific food distribution.

"The fourth Saturday of [most] months, St. John’s becomes a place where people from our community, and neighboring communities, come to receive fresh, healthy food for their family. In partnership with Second Harvest and Cool Water Ministry, we give eight tons of food to more than 100 families each month."

The "distribution takes place on the corner of Shaffer Street and Almond Avenue, across the street from our office (154 S. Shaffer Street)."

They "meet at the lunch tables on the east side of campus, by the field."

"Volunteers are needed from 11:30am to 2:30pm, and depending upon need, will be asked to greet and direct guests who arrive for food, or may assist with set up, bagging and distribution of food, and post-distribution clean up."

The food truck shows up "anywhere from 12-1, and when it does, we sort and bag the fresh produce. Once that is complete, we start to let families through the line. Depending on how many there are, it usually takes about an hour. Once they are all done, we clean up and go! We usually finish between 2 and 2:30."

Parking is "in the city lot on the corner of Almond and Center Street (this will allow our community families to park on Shaffer and alleviate some of the parking congestion in the neighborhood-which our neighbors really appreciate!)"

To help, go to

and click on the light blue "volunteer to serve" button to email them to sign up.

They prefer all volunteers sign up directly with them via email to confirm.

If the 4th Saturday is on a holiday weekend, such as Memorial Day in May, Thanksgiving in November, or Christmas in December, or if it might rain, or there's any other reason you want to check before going, please feel free to contact them to confirm the date, time, location, and if they still need volunteers.



Oh, and you can also check their upcoming dates on the bottom of

btw, sometimes events like this are unpredictable...maybe one week they are low on volunteers and another week/month they have a bunch of unexpected volunteers show up (students, another group/company, etc.). So if they are crowded and have "too many" volunteers, thank you for your patience and understanding with whatever happens.


If this location is not geographically convenient for you or your schedule. Other cities throughout SoCal have food distributions that might need volunteers. Some food distributions occur on weekday mornings. A few occur on weekday afternoons or evenings. While some occur on weekends. So there's a chance you can find one that is near you and fits your availability.

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