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Welcome to SoCoFL!! I designed this group to be a gathering place for friends, both new and old, to get together and enjoy ourselves in both virtual AND real world circumstances while making a difference as we go. As fun-loving as this Group is (and approximately 70 - 80 people join us monthly) --- I am merging it with my OTHER Meetup Group -- Cocktails for a Cause to Benefit Cats Exclusive!

This has evolved to being the OFFICIAL Meetup group that schedules fundraising events to benefit Cats Exclusive's No-Kill Feline Adoption Center and Low Cost Pet Medical Center.

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2014, the Group will be merged with Cocktails for a Cause to benefit Cats Exclusive. If you would like to stay in the loop, please join that group as well!

YES, we ARE dog friendly as well! However, you will also see that from time to time I also post other pet benefit events as well -- we're all doing what we can -- one 4-legger at a time!

I formed this meetup because I come in contact with many charitable organizations, and many networking group with a focus that is bigger than just themselves. In these days of the diminishing dollar, it is easier to give when we are doing things we are already doing, like meeting for drinks, or traveling, or attending a wine tasting. The biggest challenge for these groups is getting out the news about their events; and this site is created to do just that, along with many other things that will be shaped by the community that we, TOGETHER, will build.

SoCoFL is designed for people who want to meet like-minded people of substance and depth; passionate people who are tired of the endless business card exchange, or meaningless evenings with pointless conversations.

We will be enjoying cocktail hours and charity dinners, wine tastings and fun fundraisers; travel and cruises; all designed to enrich and enhance our lives as well as the lives of others.

This is not a business networking group, however, people do business with people they like, know and trust, so business may be done as a by-product of this site. This is not a dating site, but I can imagine nothing as exciting as meeting a person of like mind and values. Neither of these are the primary focus here, although I can imagine both business and romance being the outcome of a bunch of enlightened individuals coming together!

John Walsh, who I recently heard speak at a wonderful motivational event (the likes of which you may see posted here) said something that we cannot lose sight of: “One person CAN make a difference”. And together, we ALL can do more.

In coming days, you will see meetups and events listed benefiting animals (a personal passion of mine) as well as people, and occasionally, just an opportunity to gather and hang out to exchange ideas with OTHER enlightened individuals like yourself. I welcome you input of what you would like to see this community become, and open to proposed meetup suggestions.

If none of this resonates for you, then you probably don’t belong here, but if it does, then Welcome to our Universe!!!

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CItizens FOR Pets in Condos FUNdraiser

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

help put on the 6t5h annual Animal Adoption Fair

Tamarac Community Center

Please Join Cocktails for a Cause to Benefit Cats Exclusive!

Red Rock Oasis & Grill

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