What we're about

This is an open group for lovers of EDM to connect. If you are new to the area and would like to meet new people while you dance this is the group for you :), committed to the ideals of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

Whether you’re a recent transplant or not, this can be a tough town to make friends, especially with people who share your niche interests (e.g. anything besides SoBe clubs/Brickell and Wynwood bars/networking events). Add to that the natural flakey-ness of us Miami folks and it can get downright lonesome at times.

Which is where EDM has saved my butt! Over the past several years, I’ve made all my closest friends from raves or spots like the Electric Pickle and Bardot (R.I.P.). There’s something about live music, but especially the EDM scene, which brings people together, and brings out the best in them. The PLUR is tangible, and I want this to be a group where we all can feel it, and maybe even spread it out a little more into the world. Or, at the very least, find some good folks to headbang and shake our booties with.

I don’t want the group to only focus on what I like, and I think a lot of people would be down for new stuff, so please DM me if you have suggestions for upcoming shows. I’m open to ideas for social mixers outside of shows too. Also, though I don’t want the Discussion page to get flooded bypromoters , if you know anyone who would like to cut us good deals with group discounts for shows, DM me please. Please be selective!

P.S. Please check out https://musicmap.info (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtwEK4A-2BzQ086VA6stbNvYa8-3D_bHZKWO8C9DhS32yJH9Oaw-2BsjPrHhUJMhJDMScFwcBNqQCaeTFjYE-2FP4q2NtGinwMBMgX98JqD0G6XfJuPoKxecCU0A8DQiIPcJNzzR9ORuaVCA7JO87CEzfNAmY-2BU2txiHYuxkvzWjJD-2FrwrShxnqQO5sN3tNpaGVDq0nWz53j0UqeCb8ntuNgkX8S9fMqfuyNXONsY287nZ-2B9Ynx0AI8w-3D-3D) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4r0MdBQI6U (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtxGQuRNzBhUp5L0moh8u5X-2FGZlxpZhpra9IdUIvxHZx70yDek6NzAwt3pdhjN-2FIeOw-3D-3D_bHZKWO8C9DhS32yJH9Oaw-2BsjPrHhUJMhJDMScFwcBNqQCaeTFjYE-2FP4q2NtGinwMO6V88sSsnsimBsx-2B8kuZqy9310oUWe1i8M0XA1emprl0dd9nNuzQWSPCe2v3iqqUwCZ4mmwGhFZ8zApufo2qc0EezxDEw37tv9tR0ZAoiR-2F41zcfe4UzihNpBRjfEovLNLV3b6bgDoRjeX9nTvSYHA-3D-3D)for some really informative breakdowns of different genres (examples included). Taking a look at these might get you interested in future events!

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