• Risk Management in Business (...and how memes kill startups...)

    WeWork University Park

    First speaker out in the new SoT Speaker Series will be Gaute Solaas, a 20-year IT-sector veteran founder and Private Equity advisor. Gaute holds a joint-degree M.B.A. from Instituto de Empresa in Spain and Brown University in the U.S. This talk will focus in on what is rarely spoken of in conjunction with starting a business - yet arguably the most elemental to success - RISK and how to anticipate and mitigate it. Gaute will draw on his experiences in starting and operating three IT-sector firms to date, from supporting early- to mid-stage firms as a Private Equity advisor, as well as current research and data points on structural risk in early stage entities. The talk will seek to debunk a variety of 'official truths' and pop-cultural mental models, commonly encountered by early stage founders. If you need a 'pick-me-up' as a founder, this is your talk... Hopefully, the audience will take away deeper common sense insights, that will help with risk mitigation and organic growth, all focused on intrinsic value creation. Duration: 45min followed by QA