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What we're about The ethos of our group is friendship & social companionship for all ladies over 50 years of age:

We keep our group small in numbers so you are never a random, nameless person attending a meet-up, never to be seen again! ...We do not join friends or family of group members, the group is for ladies who are looking to find friends and socialise with ladies within the group.

Enjoy your free time with other ladies in our 50+ age group to make new friends, have lunches, coffee mornings, afternoon teas, evening meals out, visit places of interest, local pub meets, cinema and theatre visits, walking, festivals, coach trips and and any other activity which takes our fancy throughout the year!

There will always be a choice of daytime, evening and weekend events every month for you to choose from.

Welcome to Benfleet & Thundersly ladies social group

This information is to let you know who we are and to inform you of the group rules and principles which are made to maximise the enjoyment of the group.

Aim: Benfleet & Thundersley Ladies Social Group is run by two ladies, Eileen and Maureen, The aim of the group is to have meet-ups on a regular basis aiming for members to meet-up at least a couple of times a month. All events endeavour to allow members to get to know each other in an intimate sociable setting. Many meet-up groups boast of having 20-30 members turning up at their events, we feel, however, that does not give the 'friends getting together' feel that we wish Benfleet &Thundersley Ladies, to be about. We want to avoid a 'function-like' feel. Thus, when attendance numbers increase beyond what might feel comfortable, we may limit numbers of attendees for certain events. Also, we have capped the number of members at 40, so there will never be more than 40 members in Benfleet & Thundersley Ladies

Membership: You automatically become an ‘event-organiser’. This means that you can put up events. Whilst there is no obligation to do this, however it is expected that one member each month will be responsible for hosting an event. Members can, in addition to their monthly event, put up as many other events as they wish.

Renewing membership: Membership does not automatically get renewed every year. If you have been a regular member and have a great track record and never let people down by not turning up to events, then the chance of you not having an automatic renewal of your membership is slim. Those, however, with a poor record of no-shows are unlikely to have their membership renewed

Age range: All the members are over the age of 50 For the success of the group, ladies need to feel comfortable and have common ground thus members must be at least 50 to join.

Photos: When you join Benfleet/Thundersley Ladies you are asked to put up a photo. This helps us identify new-comers at events. Some people, however, choose to put up a photo of an inanimate object, which is somewhat unhelpful to organisers and members, thus we are unable to accept members unless they have a photo that shows their full face.

RSVP: Once you decide to attend an event you must RSVP it. This lets the organiser and members know for whom they should lookout at the event. Also, if the event has no RSVPs the event can be rescheduled or cancelled. If you RSVP an event and fail to turn up you could leave the host hanging around by themselves – PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE! The last day for RSVPing will always be approximately two days prior to the event going ahead as we wish to avoid becoming a last-minute group.

We do, however, understand that sometimes last-minute mishaps can happen. If you do realise that on the day of the event you are unable to attend, please cancel your RSVP as soon as possible so that someone else can take your place. If such an instance occurs less than two-hours prior to the event start-time please TEXT the host to let her know – the host is responsible for messaging all event attendees her mobile number once attendees have RSVP’d an event.

First timers: The first time you RSVP an event you will be asked to text the organiser at least one-hour prior to the event start-time to confirm that you will indeed be attending. If you fail to text, the organiser will assume that you will not be attending and you could fail to be informed of any last minute details, changes or cancellations. This is aimed at first timers as, unfortunately, in the past a number of first-time RSVP’ers have failed to turn up to events. Please be respectful and let us know ASAP if you are unable to come.

Continuous no-showers: Three consecutive last minute cancellations of RSVPs can result in your membership being terminated, We want to avoid being used as an 'only if I've nothing else better going on' group. We want people to RSVP when they are certain that they will be able to attend. This is even more important when we have a maximum number for the event as if members change their mind close to the date of the event, this could preclude members who would have liked to attend.

Last word: Overall we're a friendly group who enjoy a glass or two. If you fancy joining, have no major hang-ups and are friendly and enjoy a natter and you're a lady of a certain age, then The Benfleet/Thundersley Ladies is possibly the meet-up group for you.

Hope to meet you at an event soon!

Eileen & Maureen.

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