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Ages 18+

This group is aimed at people who have Social Anxiety Disorder. It's an issue that goes far beyond regular shyness or introversion. If you're unsure whether you are shy, introverted or suffer from social anxiety disorder here's a resource with typical feelings, thoughts, situations people with SAD have http://www.scarymommy.com/social-anxiety/.

The focus of this workshop is going to be a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to rewiring the brain. We will spend the first hour of the group to learn cognitive strategies to form a strong foundation and then gently explore our feelings of anxiety using behavioral exercises in a controlled but also a safe caring environment of like-minded peers. You are always safe here and never have to participate should you decide so.

I really suggest saturating your minds with good information on how to overcome social anxiety. Having an instruction manual on how to eliminate feelings of anxiousness is a must-have for anyone serious about removing the anxiety that blocks them. A person that is not armed with knowledge & information is similar to a person who has the ability to see but wears a blindfold and is trying - you might be able to get to where you're trying to get but it becomes increasingly harder with the blindfold on. "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step (https://www.amazon.com/Overcoming-Social-Anxiety-Step/dp/1497584566)" is a great book and manual on how to remove anxiety. There's also an audio-series (https://socialanxietyinstitute.org/social-anxiety-treatment/online-therapy/overcoming-social-anxiety) of the book with some extra features. I'm not affiliated with this program and book. Here's a free resource (https://vimeo.com/22145463) to watch.

Behavioral activities we'll engage in:

- Reading out loud to others from Question & Joke Books

- Small talk practice 1-on-1 & in groups

- Speaking in front of the group

- Pro-activity reports (Things you did in the past week that worked against feelings of anxiety)

The group organizer, Ronnie, has been working on his anxiety on & off for a few years. He's not a doctor or psychologist & does not offer medical advice. He made this group to help himself through the last bits of it & also help other people afflicted by it. He's done a lot of things to help him get rid of his anxiety & he's going to share his opinions on the best things he's learned this far. The entire process of removing social anxiety is possible but requires a good plan of action & some bravery to execute it. Consider this group a plan of action - now just make a commitment to engage in it frequently and consistently.

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