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Trading a life on hold for limitless possibility.

Our members live bravely knowing intimately the cost that mood and stress disorders have on a life, a family, and a career, constantly limiting joy and ease. Social Anxiety Inside Out is West Michigan’s resource for shifting power out of social anxiety’s hands and into yours.

Your organizers, Jenna and Debbie, are personally familiar with the restrictions that anxiety, irritability, constant fear, and panic attacks inflict on a life. Whether you are a person living with social anxiety or a person supporting a loved one living with social anxiety, this group has something for you.

We created this group as a safe space, not only to talk about the tough stuff, but also to learn and explore. A safe space to share your stories, your struggles, and your exploration. A safe space to implement a break-up from the symptoms and limitations. YES, we said break-up.


Each month, we will bust a myth that is holding you or your loved one from living the life you are meant to live. We’ll pull back the curtain and shine a spotlight on the real reasons you are stuck in irritability, brain fog, repetitive thoughts, and fear, giving you control. We won’t stop there. Each month we’ll also share steps for shedding the anxiety, feeling better in your body. We celebrate successes and support the challenges; all is valuable in building your possibility toolbox.

The relevant science—that we employ personally—teaches that no one has to live with debilitating social anxiety. Period. You have choices. If your doctor is not telling you this and if you are not getting better with your current treatment choice, then you owe it to yourself or your loved one to check out this group.

So, are you ready to shift power away from social anxiety? To live life on your terms? To meet new possibilities, free of fear? Then this group is for you. Join. Let’s gather, talk, learn, share resources, have some fun, and kick social anxiety’s butt!

Feel free to contact us at jennaandhermom@gmail.com to learn more.

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