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Learn How to be a Positive Influence on Yourself and Others

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156 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 · San Francisco, CA

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The building locks at 6pm - we will have someone waiting in the lobby to let you in.

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Appropriate for those who have never attended a Social Fluency Meet Up

Learn the science and skills behind why some people seemingly have an endless capability to attract positive attention, understand interpersonal dynamics and meet and exceed goals. You may think it's just a natural thing, but there are several basic skills you can build on to start drawing that kind of energy your way.

In this workshop, we'll not only cover the science behind human interaction, but we'll practice the following skills:

• Reading body language and using it to make strong, positive connections with other people

• How to start and maintain the conversations you want to have, at any time and in any place

• Learn how to deepen the relationships that are important to you

When you use the techniques that our team of psychologists and professional coaches and trainers offer, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can grow in ways you never thought possible. We'd love to have you join us!

Yael is a coach and instructor at Social Fluency. She has studied the art of Non-Violent Communication for more than a decade and has over fifteen years of experience teaching, coaching and leading workshops on conflict resolution and on communication techniques for both private and corporate sectors. Yael earned her Masters in Literature and Education from Columbia University and has since gone on to work towards social justice and education equity around the world. In addition to founding a thriving school in New York City, Yael has worked with people in all walks of life, from Uganda to Cambodia to Egypt and Israel.

She has led workshops on assertiveness, collaboration and problem solving in over ten countries and she has expertise in communicating with people across significant language barriers. While studying in India and Sri Lanka as a Fulbright scholar, Yael was able to put her years of study into practice as she collaborated with- and built projects for- nonprofits, schools and businesses throughout six states and across two nations.Yael has a passion for helping others connect to themselves and others more deeply through effective and meaningful communication and collaboration. She harnesses this skill in others so they may succeed in their personal and professional lives. When she is not coaching at Social Fluency, she can be found pursuing her passions for the outdoors. She is a dedicated marathoner and triathlete, snowboarder, rock climber and lover of Pinot Noir.