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What we're about

If you want to feel fully alive, fully express yourself, connect with others, stop holding yourself back or just have some proper fun this group is for you!!

We will have workshops and Meetups in all aspects of social confidence including eye contact, body language, speaking in front of small groups, improv and social freedom!

How is our group unique?

Our events will be primarily practice-based so YOU can actually practice the skills and see some improvement the very same night! We fully believe doing it yourself is the best way to learn.

***** If you have a personal development Meetup and would like to use this group to host / promote your workshop please get in touch !! This is a platform for everyone. *****

What is social freedom?

“Social freedom is being able to say, feel and act like your true self in any social situation without fear of rejection or failure.

The only way to become comfortable in all social situations is to bring out the true you by consistently exposing yourself to uncomfortable activities. This will give you a thicker skin to break through social barriers.

The strangest thing about unveiling the true you is that you might not even know the type of person you are until you’ve really exposed yourself to enough people and social situations. It’s difficult to know what you’re truly capable of until you expand your own comfort zone.” – The Social Freedom Ebook

Wouldn’t your life change drastically if you had the confidence to be totally socially confident and free? To have the courage and confidence to be totally honest and authentic? To create lasting, magical, real, authentic connections? So why not join us today?

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