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This is a collaborative MEETUP and space for up and coming artists of all stripes to come together to refine their talents for the common good. We place a premium on social justice, inclusion and showcasing the creativity of those struggling to find their voice in an increasingly predatory capitalist system that marginalises 'the many in favor of the few.'

We have teamed up with the International Coalition for Justice and Peace (https://www.facebook.com/icjpeace/) (Twitter: @ICJPeace (https://twitter.com/ICJpeace)) which focuses on the following precepts: Elevating Compassion. Building Bridges. Harmonizing Conflict. Through Creative Artistic Expression. Our Mashup Meetups will be led by a range of creative innovators in the field. We will sometimes meet on the streets - coming together to dance to beautiful rhythms and beats (in defiance of injustice), listen to select spoken word artists or generate public discussion about the connection between the arts and a range of fields (psychology, neuroscience, international affairs and a range of topics about the human condition).

At other times we will hold more private workshops to empower artists, musicians, authors, poets, dancers, technologists and a blend of activists who aim to elevate compassion and beautify our world.

Remember: Never stop creating. Our world is in need of healing. Creative artistic expression is one of the most potent weapons against oppression and injustice of all forms.

Follow ICJ Peace on Twitter: @ICJPeace (https://twitter.com/ICJpeace) for updates on Meetups.

Please note: Most of our Meetups will be free. In the event we do charge a minimal fee, that fee will be contributed back to society to feed the homeless, empower those who have been neglected and nurture the talents of our best hope: Artists of all stripes.

See you soon at one of our creative Mashups ♒ 🌍 🎸 🎼 London | Vienna | Beirut | Los Angeles


The inspiration begins here (https://soundcloud.com/corrado_parisi/ludovico-enaudi-andare-remix) 🎹 🎵 ✨🎶 and in our international pop up Mashup collaborative spaces. Our struggles are all connected from Palestine 🇵🇸 to Ferguson 🇺🇸, Syria 🌿 to Venezuela 🇻🇪 and Egypt 🇪🇬 to the increasingly gentrified streets of London 🇬🇧.

Join us in our quest for justice ⚖️ as we wage a peaceful creative ☮️💧resistance against structures of oppression ♠️ locally and globally.


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