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Adequate and appropriate marketing is critical for any business to succeed.

Digital marketing is a critical part of business marketing.

Social media (marketing) is a critical part of digital marketing.

Yet, it is a crutch for many companies - especially the small ones (one-person, few-persons, or a little more).

But the good news is this: there are many of us who have amassed a lot of knowledge about digital marketing and social media. And many of us have the passion and desire to teach and share our knowledge - but also, learn from others' experiences and shortcomings.

This group should fulfill those needs.

If anything of the above resonated with you, then you're in the right place.

I also recently came to understand a concept known as self-education. It is the process by which we learn new information from others, especially those who are more knowledgeable than us. Sharing knowledge, teaching, learning through discussions, master classes, meetups and online learning are just some examples of self-education.

With nearly 700 of us in this group (as of Feb 9, 2020), we surely represent a very wide range of industries, companies and niches. So, let's be a force of good for one another.


Description published on 9 February 2020

By Dinesh Subramaniam https://www.linkedin.com/in/dinesh-subramaniam/

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